Signing up for pro with lifetime upgrades

To Whoever is in charge of support.

I would like to sign up for Pro with Lifetime upgrades, however, if eMClient only has e-mail and forum support, I believe this would be a non-workable situation. My experience has been that this type of support is too limited and lacks the ability to clarify many situations. Classic example: " I want to import all my e-mails from Micro Soft outlook, however, MS only exports in a ’ .pst format ’ , does eMClient translate this format to a readable e-mail format? "

Also, in many situations, time is important with regards to support, waiting 1,2, or 3 days or longer for e-mail response is not helpful.

Thank you.

jueves 08 diciembre 2022 :: 0751hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Gand25

To answer you as best as is possible:

1./ With eMC Pro you get 12 month VIP support
2./ You can extend VIP support for an annual nominal fee
3./ You will find that Forum support is generally at a very high level

No one is perfect!
5./ To answer your “classic” example - Yes eMC can import PST
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I’m in a similar situation and I kind of agree with both.

This forum support is definitely higher quality than average (i’ve lurked it quite a bit) but it’s still a forum. For example I’ve opened two topics asking why the “search-on-server” (or server-side search, however you’d call it) doesn’t work on hotmail accounts and received no answers from the support team after 15-20 days.