Signatures not showing images & font is incorrect

Signatures not showing images & font is incorrect - has been working great up to about 2 weeks ago.

Hi everyone, 
eMclient version is 7.1.33101.0
Windows 7 Home Premium
4gb RAM
Norton Internet Security - Have tried with the security disabled also.

The problem started off as intermittent (approx 2 wks ago)

The Signature started stopped showing my signature which consists of a formatted Text Line with specific font and size of text & a inserted image.  (the image format: JPG / PNG makes no difference).  The image is not “linked to” but is inserted.

When I create a new email the image is missing from the signature & the text line is not the correct font or size of font…

When I “Insert signature on caret position” everything is working & displaying correctly.

Deleting, Restarting the computer & Recreating the signature does not rectify the issue.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the whole eMclient program does not rectify the problem.

See images attached

Maybe you are composing your message in plain text. Open a new compose window then select Menu > Message > Format > HTML. Now insert the signature through Insert > Signature.

If that helps you can change the setting back to default in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose.

Also, the second option for format of reply will use plain text when replying to a message received in plain text. So therefore no signature formatting.