Signatures - Dark Mode

Hi, I am using the Modern Theme in EmClient.

My company email signatures I copy from Microsoft Word file.

After I copy all the font and wording is in black

Black + Dark mode = invisible.

We are able to set up the same way using dark mode in Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

Why Emclient not able to do this? I am not going to type all over again into the signatures

Problem solved. Have to trick the client to go into light mode, then do all the jobs then go back to modern theme mode.

When you say you had to “trick the client to go into light mode”. Did you modify the default eM Client Dark Theme (in the Theme editor) to a lighter custom mode that worked ?

  1. Change to light mode
  2. copy and paste the signature from Word file
  3. Delete all the pics Placeholder
  4. Add back all the pics file into the signatures
  5. Redo all the linking.
  6. Change back to dark mode.
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