Signature sync with aliases

I have 4 gmail accounts synced with eM Client.

When I want to add a signature I get this weird messages, it seems all my aliases are synced somehow. I did not have this before the latest version (9.0) and I would like to switch this off. Any ideas where and how?


Syncing signatures from the Gmail server is a new feature in version 9.

When you insert a signature, you are now offered both the local ones you created in eM Client, as well as the ones from your Gmail accounts.

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Hello Gary, but I havent defined all those aliases, they are just shown up under “Verwenden Sie Aliasse von den verknüpften Konten”, I dont know where he gets those.

I cannot remove them. There should be an option to delete them. This is really annoying :slight_smile:

I deleted all the aliasses now from the gmail account but they still show up and they are still visible.

On my other account I have aliasses in gmail that are not showing up, so still the question, where does emclient get those aliases from?

Did you untick this option, then click on Save & Close?

It was never ticked :slight_smile:

And there is even a domain that is not assigned to my gmail account for years showing up…