signature spacing

Hi, I have a different problem with the spacing.

When I choose a sig. for some reason it leaves huge gaps between the end of the letter and after the sig. itself (ie ~ 4 line breaks)

Is it possible to halve the distance (and only 1 line after the sig.)

What version of eM Client are you using? Can you please send me a mail with signature? Thank you.

This issue should be easier to fix then emailing you. I am having this issue as well.

This usually happens when you import a signature from Outlook or copy the text of the signature from Word. In order to find the cause of the problem, I need the source code of the signature in email - that is the only possible way.

Was this issue resolved?

Hi, unfortunately when importing signatures from Microsoft Outlook, some issue can still reoccur, however with some cases only. Are you having issues with this? You can try to create the signature again in eM client, this would allow you to have the signature formatted correctly.

Hope this helps,