signature solicitation on submition

It’s realy an idea and a problema; the signatures are set by email address, at lest the ones they sell here. So when i add a signature, wich by the way could be more than one, and i have more than one account in the set up, it shows a pop up alerting if i want to send the message without signature. Of there isnt a specific signature for that email address is not a good idea to use it in another since it will always run invalid since it doent match up. It would be better to have an administrator of signatures were one could set up each signature for each mailbox accordingly.

You can already set a specific signature for each account.

First select the account (shown by the green arrow), then select which signature for new mail etc. When you have done that select the next account and configure its signatures.

You can do exactly the same with templates.

Yes i just cheked, i was refering to the other signature the one that uses a certificate, under Signing and Encryption.

I see. Yes, a digital certificate is linked to an email address. That is because part of its purpose is to verify the address it is coming from. You cannot use a certificate for one address when sending from a different email address. 

If there is not a certificate for a specific address, just untick the box for digitally sign message by default for that specific address. Then you will not be prompted.