Signature push from ActiveDirectory or Exchange

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I have a question about the signature.
Is it possible to push a signature to EmClient from an ActiveDirectory or an Exchange server ?
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Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to download an existing signature from the mail server. However this could be achieved by using our licensing system, which is available for our PRO customers.

Our licensing system supports all kinds of server settings that can be pushed to users using the license, including Signature, templates or application settings.


Hi, for Outlook, we use a script that generate the signature file for each user and copy it in the Outlook folder (C:\Users\toto-tata\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures) of each computer when the user connect to the domain. Is it possible to use same system ?

Hi, no this is unfortunately not possible in eM client, you can setup your signatures locally in Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and signatures or setup a server setting to push your signatures to users when using eM Client, however to use the licensing system that allows you to create and push signatures, application settings, etc. to your users, you have to be a PRO licensed user.

With each license you should receive a login to the licensing server available at

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