Signature problem after reinstall

I recently had a hard drive failure and had to reinstall everything including emclient, which unfortunately forced me onto the latest version. I am attempting to copy my signature from an email within emclient but pasting into the signature box it double spaces it and completely messes up the sig. I cant find a single option to prevent this from happening. Where is the option to set single spacing? I am not copying this sig from an outside application it was originally created within emClient so there shouldnt be any formatting issues when carrying it over yet there still seem to be some.The sig uses multiple fonts as well as an image so recreating it from scratch would be a complex endeavor and I would like it to look exactly as it did in the previous version of emclient.

viernes 13 enero 2023 :: 0809hrs (UTC 0000)

You are NOT forced to install a particular version of eMC, you can choose here:

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