Signature Issues`

I have recieved two different signature issues related to valid certificates and signatures and have no idea as to the issues actually are for the two of them as I believe everything to be set up correctly.

Please see the attached two images

A hash is a short formula calculated from the message content. When a message is digitally signed, this hash is calculated and then encrypted with the sender’s key and sent along with the message. When the message arrives at its destination, another hash is calculated from the received message and compared to the encrypted one. If they don’t match, then you get an error like your second one. It usually means the message body you received is not the same as was sent. The content has changed enroute.

Not sure about the first error you gave.

I have the same issue as example No 2 above.
An email that is signed - in my case - with a pdf enclosed.
If I try to open the pdf it doesn’t work. (Error: Reference table xref not found)

The emails all come from one sender which means that there could be an error on his side.
If I open the email in Outlook 365 it shows no certificate error and the pdf opens normally.
Importing the senders certificate changes nothing.

Related to this seems to be another error I receive sometimes:
ASN1 corrupted data

I’m evaluating to use emClient on some 8-10 machines. Solving this would be good.

Best regards