Signature for only 1 email account

I have two email addresses – both of which appear to be configured properly. I am able to send and receive email from both of them. When I try to assign a signature to an email address, however, only one email account is present in the drop down box; therefore, I am only able to assign a signature to one email account. I have to assign signatures manually to each email sent from the other account. I would appreciate help in fixing this. Thanks much!

When you compose an email, can you select between both the account email addresses in the drop-down box at the top of the compose window?

Yes, I can access both addresses.

Yes, I can access both addresses when you compose and email.

Ok Check that you have setup both signatures via “Menu / Settings / Mail / Templates & Signatures” (Pc) or “eM Client / Preferences / Mail / Templates & Signatures” (Mac).

Example Signature 1 & Signature 2 setup below in second screenshot.

Then When you compose a new email, click the “Insert Signature” dropdown box as per below third screenshot example to switch between your preferred signatures.

Any selected email address’s when you compose and email will then have access to both signatures.

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