Signature font won't retain size

When I try to set the signature font at Arial 11-point, it always resets to Arial 9.8-point. This doesn’t happen with Arial at 9-point, 10-point, or 12-point. Is this a known bug?

I can confirm this behaviour. If you have a Pro License, please submit a support ticket.

I don’t have a license yet; am still on the trial.

No problem. I will submit one.

I guess until there is a fix you need to avoid 11pt. :slight_smile:

Indeed. Thanks for the quick response!

eM Client Support confirmed that they will test the behaviour and forward to the developers.


It seems that the problem occurs only in some eM Client releases. Internal releases which we are testing now are not displaying this behavior.

Newest updates are published at so as soon as it will be released you can download it and update your forum post if the issue persists.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you! I look forward to that.

Doesn’t seem to be resolved yet - I have the latest Windows build.