Sign of Life

Wow! There is a new release!

![]( 1 inline.png?1475693600 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1493261/RackMultipart20161005-79945-17us6g0-2016-10-05__1__inlinepng1475693600”)

Even complete with release notes !!!


Scrollbars, baby!

Thank`s for the Info !

“Added support for system scrollbars in themes (used for System and Classic theme)”

That was already there, at least in the build I’ve been using. I wonder if they actually fixed it so that you don’t get three different kinds of scrollbars if you use the system scrollbars in a theme file?

NOOOO - I already thought the company has closed down its business. But a new version does not mean fewer bugs or restarted support, right?

Another new one today (27744)! These guys are on fire…

Already fixing what they released before fully testing?


Anybody have a clue what the newest version (7.0.27777.0) addresses?

Would be nice if they would post actual release notes for each build.