Sign in to post window seems backward

Minor thing, but EMC doesn’t log in linking to this support page. Fine, but when posting, the big sign-in pop up is actually all kinds of sign UP! After scrolling down past the bottom I see a teensy tiny sign in link. Since we only use that once, and since EMC doesn’t opened a logged-in session, wouldn’t it make sense to have SIGN IN at top? 

I sign-in to this forum using a Google Account. My account uses 0Auth, so Getsatisfaction is listed as an app in my Google settings. That means that sign-in to this forum is automatic, without the sign-in window.

Isn’t that special? But when I open the forum from the app help link, itbis not signed in. And the damn window is backwards.

Sorry it does not work for you. I actually signed out of Getsatisfaction to see what the sign-in screen looks like, as it has been a long time since I saw it.

Here it is using Firefox Quantum.

Seems it is different for me than for you, with the sign-in options at the top and the sign-up one at the bottom. :slight_smile:

That is utterly unhelpful, as usual.

Joe, what is your problem?

You posted an idea to say it should be changed because it was backwards. I gave my personal experience of how you can bypass the sign-in and also gave you a screenshot to show that it appears different on my computer.

What do you want that will be helpful in your opinion?

I am using Microsoft Edge and I get the same sign in page as Gary. What browser and version are you using Joe. Can you give a screen print?