shutdown/restart when trying to print/delete

I get (several times a day) the problem when trying to print/delete a message. emClient shuts down without error and starts to check database (several times a day). After a while (aprox 5 minutes) emClient starts again and now its possible to print/delete.
Win 10pro (up to date) emClient 7.2.34062.0 pro-version ( update check: No update available).

I would first try  Repair   and if that does not work then download the latest version at

I am using windows 10   with the window 7 menu so you will need to find the option
I hate windows 10 menu.

To repair 
Goto     Program and features
Find EmClient in the list
If you right click you should get an option to REPAIR.

If you cannot find this option then re install the version that you have.
It will default to either repair or un install.

Note if you update to a newer version you cannot go back easily.

I did all you mentioned before - now i downloaded and installed the new version manually and will try what happen. I will post the results here.