Showing Unread Email Count In Collapsed View

I have 9 email accounts. I need to have them all collapsed for them to fit on the screen. However, the only way to see the number of unread e-mails is to expand each account to see the “inbox” folder. Is it possible to see the number of unread e-mails for each account while each account is collapsed? If so, how? if not, that would be a great feature to add.

It is not possible at the moment but we are considering implementation of this feature in the future.

+3 to this, this was a big plus when we used thunderbird

I have idea : please make desktop widget ( for Win 7), and pop-up window above the taskbar on the news, or icon in the tray with the number of new messages.

Any notice this idea???


+5. Pretty much every other mail client does this (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, Postbox). It is pretty much essential if you have a lot of accounts or folders.

+6 Can’t expand everything to only see what needs my attention.


Unfortunately this feature is not planned to be implemented in foreseeable future.

with regards

That is very disappointing. Is one allowed to ask why? This is a standard / must have feature for an e-mail client IMHO.

No intention to implement it yet… sad to read…

ChrisJ, I have come with a workaround (not fully satisfactory, though). I have created search folders matching the nodes (and children) I usually have collapsed and see there how many emails lay below pending to be read…


I still don’t understand why this is not implemented. This should have been available in version 1.

Anything new on this?

I agree that it is very annoying. It would be good to have this implemented.