showing deleted messages in inbox after upgrade to emclient 7

I upgraded to version 7 and i have the problem that eM is showing me 3 messages in the inbox that are already deleted (they don’t show up on iCloud Email or on iphone mail). If i want to delete or move them in eM nothing happens.

i tryed:
-deleting my iCloud account in eM and reconfig it
-uninstalling eM and removing eM folder on windows user folder. Then I reinstalled

  • i clicked the “repair” button on the folder/settings dialog

nothings has workd so far. I had a backup from v6 so I could switch back and everything is working with the old version.

Hello Dexter,
that is indeed a curious issue. Have you tried turning to the Offline regime (File>Work offline), restarting eM Client and then deleting the files?
Is there any error message when you try to remove these items or when you synchronize your data in Tools>Operations window?


Has there been a solution to this? I have the exact same issue.

I have the same problem.