"Show when unread" - doesn't work

Not sure this is the adequate English translation of that function (using the German version).

I made the unfortunate mistake to activate this on one of my most frequented folders (Gmail, IMAP), and as a result - the folder just disappeared! And didn’t show up again even when it contained unread messages …

Restart of the client didn’t help neither to get my folder back. Had to tweak with the Gmail Web-interface settings (show or not in IMAP) until it finally showed up again.

Very dangerous … please fix that!

Hi, this is show/hide function for IMAP folder, it is very easy to recover hidden folder from eM client directly.

Right click on root folder (email account itself) and select show/hide folders, there you can set what folder you want to hide or show if hidden :slight_smile:



Thanks for the answer and the easy solution - I am reassured :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, while I was in this state, the folder didn’t show up - despite unread mail in it. I didn’t test this systematically though, maybe it is something you look into.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for this report, I will give this a further testing, but so far I have never seen this not not working and I am using “hiding folders” daily for my work.

so thank you again.