Show Unread Message Count in Full Screen Message View

Is there any way to display an unread message count as I go through my messages in full screen? 

What I’m looking for is the ability to show the count somewhere on the screen, similar to the attached screenshot.  (This one is aquamail on android)

Yes, it is top center of your screen.

That’s fine, and I can work around that if I have to, but I’m actually trying to see if it can be done in  a Full screen message. 

 I realize it’s there if I read them within the context of the program proper, but I’d like to see the count while reading them in full screen message mode, so I can know how many more I have to go through… 

See attached

No sorry T. The count is there only in the application window. The separate window for a message does not include that.

Is there a place where we post suggestions?

Yes, right here on this forum, but instead of choosing question, praise or problem, choose Idea.

OK, thanks…