Show Task Description in separate pane under/beside summary

I use the Tasks module quite a bit, and I usually keep additional info in the description. For example, under the category “Work” I may put a person’s name, but then under the description create a list of items that I need to speak with that person about.  It would be nice if the task description would open as a separate pane either under or beside the task, similar to how an email works. Is this something that is already possible? If not, I would love to see it as an added feature. Maybe it’s already there, and I just don’t know how to do it.

Hi Jean,

Unfortunately you can’t preview task descriptions in a similar preview pane as e-mails, however you can right-click a column in tasks and go to columns configuration. In columns config, select “description” in the left box and press add. You can then select it and press the arrow to change the order of the columns.


Yes, I knew about that, but if you have a lot in the description, you cannot see it and have to open it up individually. This would be a nice feature to have I think, by seeing it in a pane at the bottom similar to email.

Very well, I’ll forward this as a feature request for our developers, thank you!


Thanks very much!