Show Remote Tags

Is there a way to show the remote categories/tags instead of just local tags on the Mail Folder List? I have “Show Tag folders for Mail” enabled, but none of the remote tags are shown. Only local tags are shown.

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I hope maybe this becomes available in a future version of eM Client. My client tags a lot of emails and those tags are saved on his Office Outlook 365 account. He can tag his messages now with them in eM Client, but showing the Tags option on the folder list doesn’t show any of them. Just the local tags which are useless for him. It would be nice if the Tags to show remote tags could be set by account as he also uses Gmail for archiving and its “folders” are really all tags and do not need to be seen.

Yes. I don’t see why Outlook web folders can’t be seen or imported as tags in eMClient…

We currently sync tags with Exchange, IceWarp, Google and Dovecot servers. So if you are using one of those, you can certainly sync your tags.

Its correct that the Taqs are synced, i think what Norvin meant is that there doesnt seem to be a way to show them in the Sidebar. So i can assign them to Mail without a Problem but if i want to use the sidebar to quickly check mails with this Tag its not possible because there are only the Local Tags shown.