Show only some groups of gmail contacts

I would like to define only some of my gmail groups to use in contacts. I would even preffer to create a folder “Email contacts” in gmail as to use only that to store my conacts for eM use. Is that possible? I know I can use local folders contacts, but that doesn’t produce a sync, so if I could create/use an gmail group to store them that would fit much better.

Hi Fernando, unfortunately you can not create a folder group that would be synchronized and a folder group that would not be synchronized.
If you’re using a gmail accounts, all your items will be synchronized.

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Hi Paul, could that be included as a suggestion for version 7? thanks

Hi Fernando, this is unfortunately not something eM Client could reconsider, the protocol does not support these limitations, and generally you store data on the CardDAV server to keep the data synchronized.

If you don’t want your data being synchronized, you can use the local folders.

Thank you,