show only 2 of 3 inbox in smart folder

I want to show only 2 of 3 inbox in smart folder
I make the rule inbox only on this accounts I want to see
apply the rule, but nothing change

The Smart Folder All Inboxes cannot be edited. It always displays all inboxes.

But you can create a Search Folder to do what you want. Right-click on a smart folder and choose New Search Folder. Give the folder a name, then click on Folder > Custom Selection. In the pop-out, select only the Inboxes you want to include.

If you want the search folder to display all items in those folders, you do not need to change anything else in the conditions. Just click OK, and it is done.

If your search folders do not display in the list, right-click on a smart folder and choose Display > Search Folders.

yes, thats allright
but then my unread didn ́t display

Unfortunately, search folders do not have unread counts.

that is the reason to try to config the inbox folder
that is sad
but still the best mail client