Show on startup

Just installed the Android app. The choice to show the Global inbox on startup is not working. In fact there is no way to show the contents of the global inbox at all. If I select “inboxes” in the side menu it just drops to show all the separate inboxes. No way to get them all in one go like the desktop app.

It doesn’t seem to be syncing with IMAP opens on other devices either.

To show All Inboxes in “Favourites” like the desktop app using the Android mobile app, Press the Menu at the top left of the app, and then Press the “Edit” button at the top right that appears.

You can then enable “All Inboxes” and / or any other items you want to appear under Favourites by “touching the small round circles on the left of the menu items” .Finally click “Save” at the top right.

Many thanks. That worked, although I had to enable favourites in the show folders section of the settings first.