Show link that is hidden behind the logout button

Would it be possible to see in the mouseover which link is hidden behind the “Logout” button? I know it as a popular puhsing method.

That is the unsubscribe link. It is taken from the message header, and not any content in the message body.

To view it, right-click on that area of the message and choose View Mail Header. Then scroll down till you find the List-Unsubscribe: header.

Also, please paste your images directly into this thread (like below) rather than adding them as a link to another website. If that website is offline, or you delete the image file, then this thread loses much and may not make any sense.

Or maybe you are trying to track users on this forum by making them visit your website!!

Since you couldn’t copy images directly into the text field, I didn’t notice that you could embed them, a bit cumbersome that you have to save the image first.

I can understand your concern about tracking, but I’m very careful about it and only share services that are privacy friendly.

I’m familiar with the mail header, just thought it would be a convenience feature if you got it as a mouseover (or something similar); some users might be overwhelmed with the mail header.