Show folder in search result

When I search for an email, I would like the result list to show in which folder the found item is located. Is there an option (couldn’t find it) or is this a feature request?

You can right-click in the message body and choose Properties, which will show you the folder.


To display folders permanently is more complicated.

Firstly it can’t be done while using Conversations, as the message list shows conversations, not messages, and a conversation has messages from different folders. So you need to disable conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations. That way only single messages are displayed in the list.

Then, the default compact layout doesn’t show folders, so you will need to change to a single line layout. You can find that setting in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List.

Finally, if the Folder column is not displayed, right-click in the row header and choose Columns Configuration.

Move the Folder option from the left to right column.


Obviously I don’t want to disable conversation mode - a huge feature. Manually asking for properties also does not work, it is too time consuming.