show birthdays as all-day events in the calendar

I have two different emClient installations,
both running the latest version (5.0.18025.0).

On the first installation i setup 2 gmail accounts.
On the second installation i setup 1 gmail account.


On the one installation with 1 gmail account installed i can see
the birthdays as one day events in the calendar.

In the installation with 2 gmail accounts installed i can only
see the birthdays if i open up the agenda.

What can i do to always see the Birthday
calendar events as all day events?



Gmail saves birthday to contact and makes it as event automatically. Your issue seems like Gmail (those 2 accounts) does not synchronize calendars but contacts only and eM Client itself doesn’t make events from birthdays.

Is it possible for you to make any test events in those two “buggy” accounts then try to synchronize and send us result?