Show all emails "x" via right click context

Hey there!
1st, thank you for a fantastic email client!!

There is a feature that I found so helpful with another client. It was available via right click context. It would allow me to view all emails from the sender. This helps so much in cleaning or sorting through a mail inbox or folder. One email client would use the reading pane to show them all after you clicked the leading icon in the email list pane.

TLDR: Please consider adding a few search / filter options from the right click context menu for things like:

  1. All from this sender,
  2. All from this day / week,
  3. All with this subject.

Thank you!

This you can already do.

When you have selected a message, and have the right side-bar in the Contact Details view, it will show you all messages to and from that person.


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