Shouldn't "Send all" send all messages including those with with "send later?

Hey there, let’s say one one has “send later” set up by default, and has sent a few emails, so those are waiting for the elapsed delay in “Outbox”.
Then, for some reason, she is in a rush and must send all pending messages right now, so she tries “Send All” (or the account’s “Send All messages”) from the “Refresh” button. But nothing happens, messages keep staying in “Outbox”…
So here comes my title-question: shouldn’t “Send all” send all messages including those with with "send later?
Currently the only solution is to select individual messages and right-click on “Send Later - Send now” option. A bit painful actually.
What do you think?

No. Send All is meant to send messages that are waiting to be sent because the send immediately option is disabled.

Send Later is something else, and those messages will not be sent until the elapsed time has passed.

But there could be an option to immediately send all messages in the Send Later queue. That would be useful.

Yeah, would be great.

I changed this thread to a Feature Request.

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