Shorter keyboard shortcuts

Tried to personalize some shortcuts but EM restricts me to CTRL + something or ALT + something.
Why not something simpler for the most frequent commands, like letter “r” for read and “u” for unread, “f” for important flag? Imagine sifting through tons of email: most get the DELETE treatment (1 key), some the SPAM treatment (and Move to Junk click is fine because it is a repetitive rule) but many emails are interesting and should be marked easily for later study (read, unread, even flags). Especially when this is just the sifting of the junk, not actually working on the emails. Opera Mail got this shortcut thing just right, in my opinion, only theirs is a dead product (their own words), and I find it hard to revert to the clumsy CTRL+whatever shortcuts. Maybe the dev’s will make us a Christmass present… Daniel Greenhorn

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature in the future, however currently this is not possible due to application restrictions.


just posted the same thing, in another thread :wink:

I also used opera mail and would be happy about the short shortcuts too!!!