Dear eMclient team,

I’d like to thank you for your nice job. As a faithful user since v5, I can see all the features added and bugs fixed. So I’m happy to use the pro version to support you.

I’m posting this message to kindly ask you if you could set back some of the shortcuts that disappeared with v7.
I was especially using the Ctrl+K to insert a link (I’m doing it in most of my pro emails). With the brand new v7, that shortcut disappeared even from the shortcuts panel.

Thank you for your feedback,


Was there a shortcut to quickly categorize an email?  I’m looking for that one. 

As a workaround if there is no option for sth concerning hotkeys have a look at AutoHotKey Software :slight_smile: It’s a little hard to learn at the beginning, but very rewarding in many aspects once you have it up and running. With AHK you could program Ctrl-K to go through all the steps needed manually to achieve that behaviour you want, and only do so within the “editor” window of eMClient.

At least for categories set up within eMClient you can set a hotkey each. As for Gmail categories etc. I think there is no way to do that.