Shortcuts to prevent opening Navigation Bar - Agenda Bar compact view

Hi. I have just started using eM Client and I am impressed with the features! All in one package and free. Just two small questions:

  1. When I drag the Navigation Bar and close it, all the folders like inbox, sent and etc. are hidden, is there any way to show a shortcut of those so I won’t need to open the bar every time I want to change the current folder? Like those shortcuts that Thunderbird and Outlook have?
  2. Side bar, Agenda, even though I have chosen “Always show compact”, it still does not show the date of the agenda if the text is long (e.g. “MyEventName (the_date)”), the part showing (the_date) is dragged out of the edge of the window, which I expect it to be shown below the event’s name. is it possible?
  1. I added it to our feature requests list.
  2. We will not change it, just hover the mouse over the event - its detail will appear on the left.