Sharing folders between accounts.

Is it possible to share folders between accounts on the same computer and household network? If so, how please.

Some servers like Exchange allow you to share folders with other Exchange users. GMail also allows sharing of folders with other users. For servers that do not offer that function, as long as the computers are connected to the same IMAP account, they will share all the same folders.

Hi Gary
Thanks for the reply. I have just checked and both accounts are IMAP accounts but the folders have not appeared.  The ‘problem’ account I have just set up on the new laptop but the user folders have not shown only the standard inbox, sent, junk etc.  Any further ideas would be much appreciated.

Any error messages? You can find past errors in Menu > Tools > Operations.

No, no error messages showing.  I selected the Automatic account set up and all went through no problem.

If you login to the email account using the web interface for you provider, can you see the folders there?

I will have to check on that one.  I’m with BT when I logged in I did not see any option to see any folders at all.