Sharing eM Client DB Folders on a RDS Server

Good morning,

we have an issue where we are testing eM Client to replace Outlook. Point here is, that the users work with morgen than 30 different Mailboxes in Outlook which is crashing Outlooks OST.

In total there are 5-7 users working with that workload, always with the same shared mailboxes, with the same user accessing those mailboxes.

test setup lead to a eM Client crash, caused by zero free diskspace. After expanding the disk eM Client is running several checks on the (now more than 20GBs DB without downloaded emails).

Idea is now, to run the eM Client on a RDS server where all users share the same eM Client folders.

Would that be possible?


You can’t share the actual database between separate instances of eM Client.

Each will have to have their own database, but each setup can connect to the same server email accounts, and share their data through IMAP or Exchange.

OK, thanks for the feedback. We have 28Gigs in the local database in our test setup (without downloaded mails).