Sharing Contacts from Gmail

I need to enter some contacts into my Gmail account and then share them with my supervisor, who is using EM Client (we are on the same domain name). The problem is he doesn’t want to go through the import dialogue and select the label for each column: he just wants me to be able to share them and they appear in his contacts. I believe he is importing from G suite. 

Any suggestions on if I can do this?

You can share your contacts through the Goggle Contacts web interface. If contact sharing is not enabled in G Suite, you can change the sharing options in the Google Admin Console.

If you don’t need to share them, but he just wants a copy, you can select all the relevant contacts, and with right-click choose save as. Then he can drag and drop that single file into his contacts and all the individual contacts will be there.

He does not want to do sharing.

I’m not sure what you mean by right click and save as. I’m on the Gmail web client. If I’m not mistaken, just “Saving As” will just save the web page, not the contacts, correct?

My mistake. I assumed you were using eM Client.

In Google Contacts, select the contacts you want to give him. Then use the More drop-down and choose Export. Choose vCard Format.

That will save a single vcf file with all those contacts.

All he has to do is drag that file into his eM Client contacts and they will appear there without any import dialogue.

Great. Thanks. I’m not an Apple guy, so I’m not that familiar with the vCard format.

It is fairly common on the Windows platform also and used by eM Client, Outlook and Thunderbird to name a few. So not specific to Apple.

Fair enough. I cam from the science world, where comma seperated is king. Glad to know this is a lot easier. 

Thanks for the help.