Sharing calendar with others: can EMClient publish to a web server?

Other calendar clients have a way to publish the calendar for others to use… I’m not talking about importing or exporting, but subscribing. Can emclient do this? I manage a calendar for a group that needs to access it.

Hi, depends on what mail service you’re using it’s possible with some but not with many, If you right click the calendar in the left sidebar and select Properties > Access control , you can either add other users to access the calendar or not (in that case it’s not supported for your mail service).

With exchange for example we only support delegation and not shared calendars, with iCloud we only support viewing the shared calendars but not creating or adding a new shared calendar, you have to do that online.
Viewing any shared calendars should be supported but the creation itself is supported only with some mail services.

Thank you for understanding,

How does this work today, four year later?
I’ve just switched from Outlook to eM.
In Outlook I publish my calendar (for viewing only) to my Google calendar, with (free) SyncYa “as a gateway”
How can I re-use this set up but with eM?

You have your Goggle Calendar, so you can set that up in eM Client where you have full access to edit it. How you choose to let others see your Google Calendar has nothing to do with eM Client. That is something you need to setup online with Google.

I want my “native” eM Client calendar to be published in Google calendar.
Not to handle my google calendar in eM Client

By native you mean local. No, that is not possible. Local calendars are local, not synced.

In MS Outlook you were uploading your calendar to Google.

eM Client offers you a better solution. Instead of editing a local calendar and then having to upload it to Google, you can edit the Google calendar directly in eM Client. That means any changes are immediate and you don’t have to rely on a third party add-on to sync with Google. That is handled directly by eM Client.

You are missing the point…
I have a local calendar. Not a Google-calendar. I want to keep it as it is!
(if that is hard to understand - stop reading here)

I then want this calendar to be synced to a Google-calendar.
(see above)

The specific Google-calendar is then shared with a another person, also using Google-calendar.

This worked very fine with MS Outlook, SyncYa, Google.
And I would like it to work the same way but now with eM Client instead of MS Outlook.

Local calendars cannot be synced. If you do not understand that, I am sorry, but that is not possible. If your “local” calendar is synced to a Google Calendar, then it is not a local calendar. It is a Google Calendar. That is what sync means; that they are the same. They cannot simultaneously be the same and different. Well actually achintya-bheda-abheda philosophy says they can, but this is not philosophy it is an application.

So you have this shared calendar on Google. As I said before, just sync that with eM Client. Problem solved.

I understand what you mean. You want to have EMC calendar copied onto a Google calendar. syngYa is really good software for doing that and we used it before but not in EMC. I think it is for syncronizing calendars on your computer when you are not able to do it directly. EMC already allows you to do that with Google, so you dont need to use any other middle software to do it.

EMC already allows you to do that with Google, so you dont need to use any other middle software to do it.

So, how do I do this?
I know I can add Google to EMC, already done, but that only shows Google inside EMC.
Sad that EMC don’t have this possibility, like MS Outlook have…

You are setting your Google account in EMC and that is copying it to Google calendar when you are making some changes. This is the same as syngYa does, but it is auto copying it to Google calendar when you are changing it in EMC at the same time. You are not needing to use Publish to webdav.

You’re right Aarav.

But there are two ways to add a Google Calendar to eM Client. One is read-only and that is by adding the calendar as an Internet Calendar. Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar. You can’t change anything in that calendar, it is just for viewing. You would use this for something like a community calendar for some group that you belong to.

The other way is by adding the Google account in Menu > Tools > Accounts, and adding a calendar. This gives you a fully synced read-write version of your Google Calendar in eM Client. So any changes that you make to the calendar are immediately synced with the online one.

This has the same result as synqYa, but you don’t need to manually publish the calendar after you have made any changes. It is done immediately as long as you are connected to the Internet. If not, it will sync automatically the next time you are connected.

@Aarav - Okey, that is the way I handle it now, I’ll have to remember to copy items instead of have this done by a service.

@Gary Curtin - You still got this wrong… seems you don’t understand the question or the work SyncYa does…

You are missing what function EMC is offering. This is same method Gary is saying. No need to copy anything because EMC is doing it automatically. syngYa does same thing EMC is doing, only you need to do it by manual method of click few buttons.

No need to copy anything because EMC is doing it automatically.

If I got an event in my native/local calendar (not a google-calendar) this event does not copy it itself to one of my google-calendars in eM Client…

But I can do it by hand…

I am going to offer my two cents here as well Mikael. I think you are missing the point of what synchronizing calendars is all about.

If you have a Google calendar that you want to keep updated so others can see it you add that calendar to eM Client and edit it like that. The events are seen in eM Client the same as if it was a local calendar. Because it is synced there is no need to publish it to the Internet as it is already doing that automatically as you edit.

@Charlie G - seems you also missing the point.
I (well) know that Google-calendars are updated on all devices by auto. I’ve been using Google calendars since Google started with them!

I want a NON-GOOGLE -CALENDAR to be synced with a Google-calendar.

eM Client is using a locally cached version of the calendar which it is syncing with the actual online Google calendar so technically it is syncing a local calendar with an online one. :wink:

What about Office 365 shared calendars? I need users to be able to edit and add, not just view.

You can find out more about sharing your Office 365 calendar at