Shared Outlook 365 calendars

How can I add the shared calendars of my colleagues in the company’s Outlook 365 ?

Hi Sigfus,

perhaps my English is not good enough, but I do not understand your question.

Do you want to add a shared Calendar to Office 365? -> ask MS
Or do you want to add a shared Office 365-Calendar to eM-Client?


Thank you. It is the latter: I want to add a shared Office 365-Calendar to eM-Client.

Hi Sigfus,

I see two ways, but I am not sure about the difference…


Look for the same thing. Shared office 365 calendars from other employees. 

Any info on this? I have a calendar I’ve shared with all others in my company and it does not show up in eM client for them.

It should be noted that the suggested alternatives are NOT the same as full Exchange Shared Calendar access.  iCal and “Internet Calendar” subscriptions are one-way read-only access.  Exchange Shared Calendars are backed by delegation so you might have write access to a calendar that you cannot manage through emClient.

The short answer is that emClient does NOT support this at all.  They support delegating access to your own calendar but, oddly enough, would not allow someone on the other end to actually use emClient to manage the calendar you just delegated to them.  It is a bizarre asymmetric feature set that emClient refuses to address or even fully acknowledge as an outright limitation.