Shared mailboxes exchange synchronization problems


I have juste installed EM Client for test (free version . I have configure my exchange account with a shared mailbox but i have somes problems.

First i can’t created a new folder, i get The specified method is not supported.

Secondly when i created un new folder on my shared mailbox via Webmail, i have to close and open EM Client to see the folder appear.

Do you have any idea about there issus

Hello, folder list is synchronised on startup, thus you may only be able to synchronise a new folder with the client on application restart, however I believe using the repair option in Tools > Accounts > Your account > Diagnostics, may also be helpful.

Unfortunately I’m not quite sure what error you’re referring to, can you please make a screenshot of the error or copy the content of the log from the “Log” tab in the Operations window? submit it to us here on the forum for more information? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?