Shared folders Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk between two accounts

Hello everbody,

I would like to use eM Client as the only one but I need to provide important setup for me.
I need to set my “Google account” folders Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk shared for my second (work) email. My work email resend all inbox to my Gmail - showed with flags. In the settings of eM Client is possible (for IMAP) choose different folder. If I set in my work email, it doesn’t work.

Practical example:
I will recieve work email and then I start writing part of answer. I will go away from PC, and I have the phone only. Now I want to continue writing answers. The only (quickest) way is open my Gmail, open Drafts with part of answer and then I want finish email for sent. This is elegant solution for me, if I don’t want use two mail account on my phone.

  • only one disadvantage of this solution could be absence of verified email sending - but I don’t consider that a problem)

I will be happy to help with setting up the client. This setting can be easily done in thunderbird.

Thank you very much.