shared calendar

Hello, is it possible to view / to share calendar of another people with eM calendar? Thanks, Lukas

Is it a Google Calendar? Have you set up a Google/Gmail account in eM Client? If the answer to both these questions is ‘yes’, then you can simply add the shared calendar via the Google Calendar web interface and it will appear in eM Client. Should you need to share a Google calendar, again, you need to do this via the web interface.

As for other types of online calendars, I have no idea. Maybe someone else will share their experience.

No, it is the MS Office 365 calendar. I cannot see my items in calender, and I need to share calender of my collegue (using Office 365 calendar). Thanks

It will not work for Office 365 because eM Client does not fully support Exchange protocol yet. You can expect it in the next major version but if you want to test it - contact my colleague Navara directly at and ask him for further instructions.