shared calendar invites showing wrong owner

I have editing capabilities on some shared calendars from work. Before, when I used I could create events and send invites as the person who owned the calendar - but now, in eM Client, it shows that I am the owner. (confusing the recipients and also doesn’t allow the original owner to delete an event and send out proper notice to attendees) Any way to correct this or work the system so it does not have me as the owner of all the events in a shared calendar?

can you please provide screenshot of the issue. I’m not sure if I completely understand it.
In shared calendar events on iCloud, usually the owner of the event is the one who created that particular event and the invites are sent from the account you’re logged in.

Can you please clear this up for me, providing the screenshots would be perfect.

Thank you,

Since looking at this again, I think I described the issue wrong. Also I referred to the issue as my issue but it actually happening to a coworker of mine and our boss’ calendar.

So ignore what I previously wrote and see if you can resolve this issue instead…

Whitney (boss) shares her iCloud calendars with Kelly (coworker) who has editing privileges.
Kelly will make a new event and invite some attendees (in one of Whitney’s calendars).
Whitney will change the details of the event, or change the time and a notice will NOT get sent to the attendees.

This issue doesn’t happen when Kelly uses (and Whitney uses mail on her mac) but it does happen in eMclient.

Any ideas?

I would attach a screenshot but I don’t have Whitney’s computer nearby to show the difference.

yes this is the actual behavior of eM Client. Thank you for pointing this out to us.
The reasons for this are minor differences in handling calendars.

We’d like to improve this in the feature but it’s not an issue that we could resolve immediately. Hopefully we’ll manage to feature this in future releases.

I hope you can workaround this in the meantime.
Once again thank you for pointing this out.