Shared bin for all email accounts and periodically emptying the bin(s)

Is it possible to create a shared bin for all email accounts? I have several email accounts and find it annoying to empty the bin for each account.

Is it possible to setup the app. to automatically deleting files in the bin(s)  “After xx days”

Point one, I’d find a reasonable option. I can’t find an option in the settings to move mails to be deleted to a certain shared trash, which I can then empty.
With this possibility, point 2 could possibly be controlled.

I’m not sure what to make of your comments. Dis you find a solution to any of my questions?

I’m afraid not. I also searched for this setting and did not find it.

OK. Thanks for your responce. I’m new here. Do you know if eMC has an “box for new idieas”…?

Yes, you can find them here in the forum under the tab “Ideas”.


Not possible to empty trash after a time period, but you can do it automatically when you exit the application.

Another option is to change this setting with your email provider. GMail automatically removes messages after 30 days, and you can turn that off. Don’t think it is configurable beyond that. Some others allow more control and GMX allows you to set the time from 1 day to unlimited. Check with your email provider as to what they offer.

Besides that you can use a Smart Folder Trash folder by right-click on Smart Folders and ticking Trash. All the trash from your various accounts will be there, but there is no right-click Empty Trash option. You will need to Ctrl+A Delete to empty it. Maybe still quicker than going to each account.

Combined folders are not possible among accounts when they are setup as IMAP or Exchange. This is because the folders you see are just a cached copy of what is on each server.

With POP3 you can combine folders, so there will be only one Trash folder for all accounts. That needs to be specified when the account is setup, it cannot be set afterwards.

Good morning, Gary,
these are great tips. I didn’t know which specifications already existed for the smart Folders and all I had to do was make them visible. Thank you