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Hey everybody,

I think a last question, before I decide to buy or not :wink:
Is it possible to share an installation directory (the user-part) over a network share, so that a user has to customize it’s client once and is able to use this and all following changes on every device in a company?
Is it also possible to use one “profile” (the user-part) on two workstations at the same time?

Thank you and have a happe new year!

Hi again Jurgen, eM Client has a strict one license per computer policy, so you’re required to have a valid license for each computer you want to use the application on, for commercial, server use you’re required to obtain a valid license for each user accessing the server and eM Client.

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Dear Paul,

I understood the licence-model, that 's not the problem…

  • one licence per computer and all users on that device are able to use em client
  • second licence for the next computer and once more every user is able to use em client
    Am I right?
    That is a valid policy, similar to many firewall products oder similar to microsoft standard licensing…

The discussed point is sharing the user-profile over a network and use it concurrent (with valid licences), also a more technical question, to save customizing time on every client for the same user…


Is it also possible to start emclient twice an a computer with different profiles or once with a path to the used profile, without changing the logged in user?
Thank you!

Hi again, it is possible to run a second instance of eM Client in your current session, however it is not allowed by default, you’d have to use this command line:

"C:\Path\to\MailClient.exe" /dblocation "C:\Path\to\eM Client Database"

Sharing a user profile over the network, i.e. the database, is not supported by eM Client, as having multiple users accessing a single database would cause database corruption causing you to lose any local data.

Having database saved locally on your computer is always recommended.

Hope this helps,

cool, one more big point for your software!

sharing would be fine, but a backup and restore on another computer will do the same…ok!

Glad I could help, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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