share a local calendar

How can I share my local calendar on my smartphone ?

I use eM client and a local calendar.

I do not think that is possible.  If you are using Gmail   activate the interface between emClient and gmail for calendar.  Then have your phone interface with gmail.  I use an APP called Business Calendar on my android that has built in interfaces to most emali services  and it works very well with my gmail account.  I also use the interface between emclient contacts to gmail.   Check with your email service if they support this.

Hi Julien,

you need an “online”/Cloud-Calendar (Google, or iCloud) as “Hub”
and both, your Smartphone and eM-Client will sync with that Cloud-Calendar.

I can almost hear, that your next question will be: How to move all entries of your existing local calendar into a Cloud-Calendar…?

sorry, no Idea.


Lets make the assumption that your email account is a Gmail. (google)
You have calendar entries in emclient   or you loaded them from some external file
to emclient  then check setup to activate calendar and contacts.
EmClient will load them into the Gmail calendar and gmail contact 
at this point your emclient is the master  and gmail is the slave or receiver of info.
In You smart phone you add the account google  (gmail ) 
your phone gets info from google (gmail) when you sync
to set the parms in emclient

If nothing shows then emclient does not support or your email service does not support it.
Make things easy for your self  open a gmail google account 
In my stuff I have Google gmail acct emclient has my contacts and calendar and my android all
talk to each other   USING IMAP    NOT POP3
if you are still lost  tell me your email vendor  ,  what kind of smartphone  (brand)  and where is your calendar stuff  (in emclient or some other software ??

Ok, I understand thanks a lot.