"Shadow" caused by eM Client

Dear Support,

What causes the “shadow” that is sometimes left while using eM Client? I have not been able to associate this with any behavior on my part, but sometimes a shadow of one word or many (as you will see in the attached screen shot) is left on the screen. It stays on the same spot on the screen and affects ALL programs in use, not just the eM Client.

The only way I have found to clear this shadow from the screen is to completely exit from the eM Client and sign on again. Obviously, this can be very inconvenient. I hoped this problem would have been left with 5.0, but affects 6.0 as well.

Any ideas you may have to prevent and/or solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dr. Miles Whitley
E-Mail: [email protected]

Hi, this should be possible to be solved by newest version of Internet Explorer, try to update and share results with me.