Several problems after upgrading 8 (Pro) to 9 (Pro)

First of all: Why isn’t it possoble to filter calendar entries in the same way as in EMail?


  1. Several entries are not visible. I had created new entries and after that these entries (and much more) entries are no more visible. After reastarting em client or exporting the events to an *.ics file all events are there but after creating a new one the prior entries are no more visible.
    I have tried to use another design but it doesn’t help.

  2. Old tags are not usable. I’ve categorized the calendar entries to some tags but they are not accessible after the upgrade. When I create new ones (as explainde from the em client support) I have these new ones now visible but cannot access the old ones with the new entry.

  3. Visibility of Spam emails in HTML Format? Why? Its only possible to show ALL messages in either Text nor Html Format.

  4. Old calendar entries pop up several times

  5. Overall speed (I use 6 email accounts) is poor since the upgrade.

Several other minor problems.

Regards, Milo