Several problems after update versus eM Client (6.0.19714.0)

At the update on laptop (Windows7 Pro) I had the above application error

Other errors :

  1. In settings, every time I click on “apply”, eMClient shuts down.
  2. In settings, I have nothing in “language” and “notification”.
    I can do nothing in settings!!
    Please help, this time is urgent, I need my laptop to go away this sunday !

Tell me if I can put the database of my home PC to replace the laptop eMClient database (if so, the complete database?)

After having spent two hours to try to solve the problem, with different backyps and database repairs I gave up.
I restored Windows!
So, now I have a fresh eMclient on virgin Windows 7 on my laptop :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I had one minor error and an other one annoying: it backed up twice in one hour, while I setted for a backup every 3 days!?
Well, I wish to everybody nice days for the future :slight_smile:
I could write a book with images about my life with eMClient.
@John Galis I’ll send you some details by email.

I am not sure about that backup, if you could check Task Scheduler for eM client Backup tool then it might show that there are two processes, until then I am not sure about it :confused:

also I am sorry for not responding sooner -_-


I do not understand what you mean by two processes.
Anyway the problem disappeared and backups are made as scheduled every 3 days.

Windows task scheduler always do what he has planned, I thought that in it’s settings are two processes for eM client backup.

But if it works now then nothing else is needed :slight_smile:


I’m back from holidays :frowning: eMClient on laptop runned with no more problems.
Now I’m on home computer and I spend time deleting test messages (Imap)…I really do not understand. I need more holidays.

those test messages shown up just like that? Or they were product of “fix” in account management?

No, not just like that :slight_smile:
After fix or after click on the red exclamation point. Especially for Gmail accounts.

ok, thank you for the information :slight_smile: