Several other fixes...what does this mean?

I have had a font size control problem with the past 3 updates so I’m using an older version.  I’m waiting for a new version that fixes it to get caught up to the current version and all its benefits but can’t tell by the limited info given in each update.  I prefer not to have to install/uninstall to find out anymore.

So what does - Several other fixes include…is it posted anywhere?

Thank you.


7.2.36908.0 (10/11/19 2:57:21 PM)

eM Client 7.2 Service Update

  • An attempt to workaround Google Contacts API quota error messages issue until Google really resolves it

  • Dutch and french localization updated

  • Several other fixes

eM Client Inc. do not wish to describe what these fixes are so they don’t publish a change-log, rather they just give a teaser and hope that the users will discover for themselves the bulk of what has changed. In my case, where I have a substantial list of support tickets, it is a chore with each new release to go through my tickets and see if any have been resolved. 

The most stable recent version is 7.2.35595, but if you use Gmail, it is best to update to 7.2.36908.