Several Caldav calendars behave differently

We use a Davical-Server, hosting calendars for about 40 users. When I import a calendar, the entry has a white checkbox. Using our Kerio-Connect-Server, the calendars look the same.Importing an Owncloud-based calendar, there is a user and sub-calendars showing up. And Google-calendars show up as sub-calendars, but without user.
I uploades a screenshot here:
![](<a href= “Link http//iimgurcom/v7A86AMjpg”)"; alt=“screenshot” />

The problem is, that white checkboxes tend to get unchecked altogether. Clicking somewhere beneath a box, all white boxes get unchecked. This is not what you want to happen with 40 calendars eight times a day…

I don’t understand how the different handling of the calendars occurs. We would like to use emClient, since it is much faster than Thunderbird/Lightning here, but this “everything gets unchecked”-issues is quite annoying.

Hi Chris,

The behaviour of our calendar is intentional and by design, if you are looking at a particular calendar, you can add more calendars to the overview by simply checking more checkboxes. However if you clink on the text of a calendar, all the other calendars will get unchecked and eMC will only show the calendar you selected by clicking on the text.

You can also change the checkbox color by right-clicking a calendar and selecting “Calendar Color” and choosing your preferred color.

Hope this helps.


Hi Dave,
thanks for your reply. I understand that unchecking other calendars is intentional. But if you provide an “auto-uncheck”-method, you should also provide some sort of “check all”. It’s kinda clumsy to have 40 calendars unchecked automatically and absoultely no way to revert this.

What I don’t understand is the behaviour of eMC regarding calendar-accounts. Sometimes, it adds an account with a white checkbox (these tend to get “auto-switced off”).
Sometimes it adds accounts with white checkboxex and coloured sub-calendars (these are NOT auto-switched off!).
And sometimes there are just coloured sub-calendars and no white boxes at all. (See the screenshot for reference)

I cannot figure out what’s the difference, because all calendars get imported by providing a Caldav-path and user-credentials. If I knew what it is that triggers this behaviour, we could have a look at it on our Davical-Server.