I would like to know where the setup or the file that has all the settings… so I can pre-configure eMclient


You can export the settings through Menu > File > Export > Export settings to .xml file. That is the best option as you can choose what you want to export, then you can just import them to the new installation.

Another option is to preconfigure eM Client, then copy the whole database directory (C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) to the new installation. That will include the accounts, but you can remove the accounts.dat file from the database so there will be no accounts configured.

You could also copy the settings.dat file from the database directory. Both the original and destination eM Clients will need to be closed for this to work, and that file does not contain all settings.

Where can i find the source code html from the header menu button? For change the button height.

Robin, I think that as eM Client is not open source, it would be unlikely that you would have access to the source code. If this button is not configurable in Themes, then it is not configurable at all.