Setup on a new PC

I use em client in the free version on my old PC. Today I installed em client on my new PC and wanted to set up my account. Unfortunately I don’t remember the password. You can reset the old password but probably only with the Pro version.

Is there a way to read the password from the old PC, or reset the password even as a user of the free version?

miércoles 12 enero 2022 :: 1626hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @peterro32

If you mean your Account password NOT the eMC password do this:
On your old PC in eMC go to; Menu ->backup
Copy this backup to your new PC
On the new PC in eMC go to: Menu ->File ->Restore and point to the backup you have copied
This will create your Account on the new PC

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Thank you @skybat
works fine :+1: